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We've got another weekend with two films in limited release featuring some great nudity... Let's check it out!

On Chesil Beach

While many were hoping that this British indie would bring us Saoirse Ronan's nude debut, but it's James McAvoy's ex Anne-Marie Duff who doffs her duds! Just fourteen minutes in, Anne-Marie goes fantastically full frontal, just as she did in 2002's The Magdalene Sisters (below)!

Movie Nudity Report: On Chesil Beach and Carter & June 5.18.18

Carter June

This action-comedy is billed as being "From the Producers of Napoleon Dynamite," but don't be fooled as it's got some fantastic skin! Within the first ten minutes, we get to see both Sara Ebert(below left) and Mayra Leal(below center) topless, and then at the 46-minute mark, Lindsay Musil(below right) opens her robe and puts her husband's hands on her bare breasts!

Films Playing Theatrically with Nudity

Revenge(Also On Demand)

The Escape


Racer and the Jailbird (Also On Demand)