HBO España launches season two of the dramatic mystery series 30 Coins today, but we’d pay a hell of a lot more than that to guarantee it has more of Megan Montaner nude!

The sexy Spanish star blew us away when she revealed her heavenly body for the first time during season one. In some of the best nude scenes of 2021, Megan bared her beautiful breasts, butt, and even some skinsational backburger that had us on our knees and praying it wouldn’t be the last we ever saw of her phenomenal form!

Megan Montaner is Back! Rewatch Her Breast 30 Coins Nude Scenes


While we wait to find out if our prayers have been answered, at least we can enjoy Megan’s amazing nudity from the first season. The camera loves her curves, and rightfully so. Her juicy rack and rump are the stuff of dreams in this nightmare fuel of a horror series. But the thing that scares us most is never seeing this buxom babe in the buff again!