Greetings, Skin fans! A server changeover left us unable to update the Mr. Skin blog for a while, but we have not been idly sitting on our hands. Oh no.

We've been tracking down the mastermind behind the hilarious and TITillating blog Tit Thinks It's People, lovely and fun-loving Canadian Heidi Leigh.

Turns out Heidi is an actress who is known for starring in the sci-fi kids' series Timeblazers and Monster Warriors, and although submissions to her blog are all anonymous, she's not shy about sharing her unusual passion with the world:

"I am totally not hiding my identity," she tells Skin Central in an email. "My tits are awesome and I'm so proud of this work, especially Freddy Krueger [left]... boob skin is tough to draw on, especially upside down."

So how did Tit Thinks It's People get started? Drunken titpics, of course!

"A few months ago a girlfriend sent me an mms titpic," Heidi says. "Fantastic, right? Well, the obvious response was to send one back. This began a bit of a one-upping titpic war between 4 girlfriends. As photos evolved I eventually brought a sombrero and mustache to the party and the rest is history. "

And who would she most like to see bare their boob, Buppetry style?

"I'd like Ryan Seacrest to make one just 'cause I love him,Whoopi Goldbergcuz they're huge and she'd do it justice, Ellen 'cause she's hilarious, and Barack Obama! I don't have any black Buppets at all yet, let alone presidential ones!"

You heard her, Obama (because the President totally reads the Mr. Skin blog)- get on it!

Heidi is in the process of transferring Tit Thinks It's People from a blog onto, as she puts it, "a big girl site", so bookmark and in the meantime, you can become a fan of Heidi's on Facebook!