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Tease (2000) Sexy, bikini
Tease (2000) Sexy, bikini
Tease (2000) Nude, butt, body double, breasts 01:23:11 Nice butt and left breast from Mandy, but unfortunately it is a body double. (20 secs)
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Mandy Schaffer first started acting in 1996 in her native Canada, in the action/thriller, Sabotage. Naturally, a good deal of her work has since been in The Great White North. But every once in a while, such as in 2000’s Satan’s School for Girls, young Mandy pops up Stateside and we’re hoping she makes a habit of it. One habit we don’t want to see is all this Skinginess that’s been troubling all her films. Throughout her guest spots on such television series as Big Wolf on Campus, Student Bodies, and Twice In a Lifetime, as well as in the mini-series Dice, Mandy’s kept herself pretty well covered. However, she came awful close to some Skinage in the 1999 made-for-TV movie Tease… Sure, it turned out to be a pretty appropriate title when all was said and done but Mandy’s incredible breasts were held back, for the most part, by a mix of skimpy bikinis and bra-free blouses and tops. There’s plenty of poke-through from start to finish, so be sure to check it out. And keep an eye peeled for the white bathing suit; when it’s wet, it’s almost transparent!