Recently the celebrity sex-tape world has been populated by disappointing fakes and perverse-curiosity-fueled novelties. So the prospect of two A-list stars like Madonna and Jessica Simpson starring in their very own fuck films is definitely titillating. Unfortunately we're talking about two distinct tapes here, but we've still got our fingers crossed that Jessica Simpson and Madonna will meet in a hotel hallway one night and let the famous-celebrity lesbian-sex-tape fantasy run its course. Mr. Skin can dream.

The purported Madonna sex tape claims to capture the Material Girl during an extramarital tryst with rumored lover Alex Rodriguez, but if the tape does truly exist, it will most likely never see the light of dayand may even send the lensman to jail! Reports FemaleFirst:

"A cameraman claims to have a video of Madonna and baseball player Alex Rodriguez romping on a sofa.

"He is trying to sell the tape - allegedly shot with a hidden camera in an apartment owned by a friend of the cameraman which was used by the couple for secret liaisons - for 1 million.

"The unnamed owner of the tape claims he visited the property and hid a camera, pointed at the sofa which captured the X-rated footage two months ago."

Any hope you have of seeing Madge's vadge in action will probably have to be put on hold, as the cameraman could be sent away for invasion of privacy. And Madonna thought A-Rod was the only one unlawfully invading her on that couch!

As for Jessica Simpson, her alleged sex tape reaches back to mer marriage to former boy bander Nick Lachey. According to Digital Spy:

"The home movie, which features popstar and actress Simpson engaging in a number of sex acts with her ex-husband Nick Lachey, has been acquired by the same people who released Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's holiday sex video.

"A source said: 'Jessica is horrified her name and 'sex tape' are being mentioned in the same sentence. She's always been a girl of high morals and principles.'

"The tape will reportedly be distributed online unless Simpson pays an undisclosed fee to keep it out of the public domain."

Will Jessica cough up the dough to keep her pubic domain out of the public domain? Mr. Skin sure hopes not!