As I was watching on of those Mac commercials on TV today in which a young hip guy represents a Mac and a nerdy older guy represents the PC and I immediately noticed the blonde babe playing the PC guy's therapist was none other than Corinne Bohrer, who got a three-star skin rating when she exposed mams, muff, and mudflaps in the golfing drama Dead Solid Perfect (1988) and appeared (clothed but sexy) in the classic teen sex comedies Joysticks (1983) and The Beach Girls (1982). Then in another Mac commercial I noticed that the woman playing the yoga instructor who was helping the PC guy to relax was Detroit-born rack-tress Judy Greer, who showed rack and rug in the sci-fi comedy What Planet Are You From? (2000). I'm pleased to see how Mac is using some of my favorite nude actresses in their commercials. Who's next? Laura Gemser?