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Lisa Rinna nude? Oh, it's a thing, and we love it. But first, happy 60th birthday to this realest of Real Housewives. Rinna has been a main cast member of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills for eight of the show's twelve seasons, and recently has emerged as a standalone success thanks to her mid life modeling career. Plus Lisa Rinna, unsurprisingly, has two gorgeous daughters who are making a go at modeling themselves. But will they ever be able to compete with their mom's insane nude photoshoot? I mean, we hope they can, but those are some tall shoes to fill. Let's explore.

Lisa Rinna got her start as an actress before becoming a reality television fixture. Being an actress means that you show some skin for sexy photoshoots right? Right. But not everyone showed as much skin as Lisa Rinna. She stripped fully naked for photographer to the stars Deborah Anderson. What's really crazy is that we saw these nude photos in Anderson's NSFW 2013 documentary Aroused, about the making of her fine art book featuring nude photos of sixteen of the world's preeminent female porn stars.

Lisa Rinna Nude Photos In Aroused Documentary

In the documentary we see some of Anderson's mainstream work, including her nude photographs of Lisa Rinna and Cindy Crawford. In these pics, Lisa is looking simply incredible. She has a trim toned waist, huge perfect breasts, and an incredible ass. Lisa Rinna is a woman who looks good at any age, and we have no doubt that she will continue to ooze sex appeal for the upcoming decade. Let's talk about sexagenarian, baby! Wait, we have a better one. Get me to a treatment facility, because I'm a sexagenarian addict!