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Laine Carlin

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Keywords: Great Nudity!, White, Blonde Hair, Xlarge Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body

Nude Roles: 1

Birthplace: , US


Take one long look at the luscious Laine Carlin and you'll first start to pop a tent in your pants, followed by a wet explosion seconds later. She's is a bombshell after all. Don't believe us? Try checking out this stacked stunner and just try to tell us your pants didn't just get a bit tighter. She makes a really solid appearance in House on Bare Mountain (1962), where even classic movie monsters have stopped to check out these babes. She struts down the hall shirtless, letting her massive breasts bounce up and down with each step. While any self-respecting flesh fiend can't in good conscience be annoyed when a hottie like Laine only gets partially nude once, it's better than nothing after all.... There is, however, a distinct tinge of sadness when you realize it's likely that she'll never be seen again in the annals of Mr. Skin.com or any other clothed work for that matter. It's strange too, because a babe as bodacious as Ms. Carlin would presumably be prime real estate for skin-tastic directors to cast her in any role that requires B-baring. Whatever the reason for her untimely absence, Skin Central has still opted to continue searching through the internet and through dusty VHS bins for any more hidden treasures from this babe. There's always a chance that Laine landed more than the two roles on her current filmography, but they just haven't been categorized yet. With any luck, we'll find a lot more bate bait from Laine the lovely!