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Date of Birth: 10/09/59

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The most striking feature about blonde-tressed porn star, exotic dancer, and part-time feature-film actress Melissa Mounds is a double helping of heaping hooters—and a screen name worthy of them. The Las Vegas native was actually born Debra Angela Masson, but that was hardly a fitting enough name, so she changed it. While she appeared in such lusty ventures as Big Busty 22 (1987); Biggest, Sexiest Boobs in the USA Contest(1989); Between My Breasts 12 (1990); The Girls of Daytona (1993); and Best of Breast 3 (1995), she’s probably best known for her role as the Bazonga Bomber in the campy soft-corn porn fest Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders (1990). In the unique and wonderfully wacky flick, Melissa presents her dynamic duo on a waitress tray, then lets the bearded companion of Flesh Gordon indulge in a little motorboat action before using the over-ripe twosome as a pillow. She’s also known for her real-life role as the long-time girlfriend of director Russ Meyer, otherwise known as “The Fellini of the Sex Industry,” who directed such flicks as Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965) and Beneath the Valley of the Dolls (1979). While Meyer was known for casting women with huge breasts, the only project he included Melissa’s mounds in was a documentary about the star he did in 1990, aptly titled Melissa Mounds. Perhaps that’s why, in 1999, the actress was convicted of misdemeanor battery for giving him a black eye. Melissa, Mr. Skin likes you a whole big bunch, so please don’t hurt him.