Oh mama! Labor Day is when Americans celebrate hot naked mothers-to-be who have flaunted their pregnant bodies on camera. Right? Did we miss something? Whether sporting prosthetics or their real, actual pregnant bodies, more celeb than you think have taken on roles that demand a naked pregnant woman. And when it comes to Amy Schumer's Expecting Amy, she created an entire reality series essentially centered on her naked pregnant body. These ladies just can't wait to take off their clothes to show off ALL of their bumps!

Famously, Demi Moore posed naked on the cover of Vanity Fair while pregnant with her daughter Scout Willis. However, for her nudity in The Seventh Sign, Demi utilized prosthetics for her stomach and pregnancy boobs. In 2019 she even posted this throwback Polaroid from the set of The Seventh Sign:

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May Lindstrom only has one acting credit to her name, but oh, what a role it is. In a brief sequence in Her, Joaquin Phoenix fantasizes about feeling up a very pregnant May Lindstrom. She looks so glorious and luminescent here, and her boobs are absolutely incredible. You'll be doing some lactation in your pants!

Plus Rachel Weisz playfully flashes her nice plump ass while pregnant in real life, in The Constant Gardener.

Gardener, I hardly know her!

And Ricki Lake, much like Amy Schumer, embraced the documentary format to bring her real pregnant body to the world, in The Business of Being Born. Hit the full top ten gallery below for peeks at our favorite naked celebrities who bared some skin while actually pregnant or pretending to be pregnant. Happy Labor Day to us all!