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Krista Kalmus’s first professional credit was in the straight-to-video 3-D horror/music video from The Insane Clown Posse. It was called Bowling Balls (2004), but they should have called it Blue Balls, because the pretty blonde has yet to cross over to the skin side. Some of Krista's other early credits include works such as Quintuplets (2005), The O.C. (2005), Las Vegas (2005), Love, Inc. (2006), CSI: Miami (2006), and That Guy (2006). She then landed a recurring role on the hit teen mystery series Veronica Mars (2006). But let's back track to a time when Krista christened us with some skin, shall we? The closest she’s come to making the hairy palms at Skin Central come was on the short-lived surfer soap North Shore back in 2004. Don’t get Mr. Skin wrong, Krista looks great in a too-small bikini over her big ass, but lose the bikini and then we’ll talk...or wank. More recently, Krista teased us again on the comedy series Workaholics (2014), which follows three bumbling bros who all work as telemarketers. In an episode titled "Monstalibooyah," Krista shows off her bod on the beach in a bright red bikini. But still, that bikini stays on. Some of Krista's more recent credits include works such as Chasing Life (2015), Hero of the Underworld (2016), James Blondes (2017), Future Man (2019), Extracurricular Activities (2019), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2019), 9-1-1 Lone Star (2020), Almost Nowhere (2020), and Home Sweet Home (2020). Mr. Skin hopes that this beach bum babe will break out of that bikini sometime soon!