But Where Are Kim Kardashian West's See-Through Shorts?

We’ve all been there. You’re out shopping for clothes and you find something, let’s say a pair of shoes. There is something about them, you really want them, so you buy them and you come home to find out you have nothing that goes the shoes. Yes, it’s happened to all of us, even dudes. But when you are Kim Kardashian West, you don’t have this problem. Because you know the only thing that goes with see-through boots is a see-through top.

It took me a moment to figure out that Kim Kardashian West was wearing plastic see-through boots. I didn’t know if she was wearing some crazy half jeans, half plastic pair of pants. But alas, they are boots and none of us can deny that they really do go great with her see-through top. If you are going to show your incredible legs, why not show off your incredible boobs at the same? Thankfully Kim Kardashian West is a fashion forward person and always considers these types of things when putting on outfits.

Though I have to admit, I’m kind of wondering if Kim Kardashian West has an entire see-through outfit somewhere in her closet. If she doesn’t, I’m sure some famous fashion designer would love to make her some see-through cut-off shorts to match her see-through top and see-through boots.