Body Double Is No Trouble When Mixon a Batch of Baby Batter

When the voluptuous and vulpine Katy Mixon finally appeared to bare her weighty fixin’s in the March 22 episode of HBO’s new comedy Eastbound & Down, all the signs of a body double were there.

Even the most junior technician in the Mr Skin labs knows that when the camera pans down and gets the actress’s face out of the frame before any flesh is unveiled, it means that that actress is now in her trailer reading Variety while a body double pulled out of a local strip club is baring her boobs in an attempt to fool the viewer.

All that aside, there’s no arguing with the enormous power of a pair of ginormous towers, and for viewers, it didn’t seem to matter whose pontoons they were peeping: This faux flesh flash quickly got Katy a lot of attention on the Internet.

Mr Skin and all other lovers of celebrity nudity truly hope that Katy is taking notice of this. Because she can be sure that had those jugs been hers, this buzz about her would be a roar.

This is actually Katy’s second fake-out. In the 2005 Poison Ivy-esque thriller The Quiet, which featured great real toplessness from Edie Falco, Katy is showing off her right rackage to her lesbian love interest and fellow cheerleader Elisha Cuthbert before Dad bursts in and ruins all the fun. We do get a quick glimpse of Katy’s knocker, only to see that it is covered with some sort of modesty device.

Come on Katy, you went to Carnegie Mellon for God’s sake!