Back in 2004 there were two out-of-this-world babes on Battlestar Galactica that really got our rockets primed for blast off. Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer drove the reboot of the classic series into serious sci-fine territory.

After meeting on the Battlestar set the two became close pals, keeping in touch after the show went off the air, hanging out, having nightly tickle fights. Ok, that last part may have only been in our imaginations. Anyway, they’ve formed a charitable organization, Acting Outlaws, to raise money for various causes and one of the biggest moneymakers is their annual calendar featuring artsy shots of the two babes semi-clothed.

It’s about the same level of nudity we got from Tricia back in her Number Six days, but Katee Sackhoff blew us all away last year by finally making her nude debut in Riddick (2013)! Plus she’s baring her Star-buck naked buns for the calendar. Check out the Behind the Scenes video:

You can buy a copy of the calendar here, and check out Katee’s and Tricia’s sexiest onscreen moments to date right here at!