Kate Winslet Calls Nudity "Nerve-wracking," But That Won't Stop Her from Peeling on Camera

Ravishing Brit Kate Winslet has been everywhere recently. She has two films coming out this month, the suburban drama Revolutionary Road and the Holocaust film The Reader, which are both garnering Oscar buzz for the oft-nominated thespian. But what has Mr Skin buzzing is Kate's great nude form in The Reader, which she helped to promote by . . . displaying her great nude form in Vanity Fair. Well, that makes sense. But Winslet had her reservations about both. She said of her nude love scenes with younger man David Kross in The Reader:

It was the same as shooting any other scene of that nature. A scene with that level of intimacy involving nudity, you know, it's always nerve-wracking, and you really have to rehearse those scenes so that everybody knows exactly what's going on. He didn't need that much looking after.

But while Winslet is eager to strip for her art, she wasn't so sure about going nude on the pages of a magazinethat is until she found out that Steven Meisel, the infamous lensmen behind Madonna's Sex book, would be shooting the snaps:

I didn't go into that shoot knowing the concept... but when you're asked to be on the cover of Vanity Fair and photographed by Steven Meisel, it's a wonderful thing to experience.

It's a fantastic opportunity just to be able to have that memory in your lifetime. I absolutely had a moment of thinking, 'I don't believe I'm gonna take my clothes off here,' and the next moment I thought, 'Yeah, dammit, I am; I'm 33, I've had two kids, Steven Meisel is taking pictures of me naked. This is never gonna happen again!'

I transported myself 30 years on and I wanted to be able to say, 'Yeah, I did that.' That was one of those crazy, wonderful things and I'm really happy to have that memory.

I have the prints from the shoot that Steven gave me at the end of the day that were taken out of the camera and were blown up.

What did Kate do with those prints? Are they hanging in the hallway next to the family Christmas portraits? Because Mr Skin thinks that a pretty good idea.