Forget the Chicken Soup, It's All Bikinis For Kate Upton

For most people being sick meansbeing miserable. All you want to do is wear those comfy pajama pants with the hole them and that sweatshirt you got in high school that is just barely hanging together. When you are sick, it means staying under the covers, hiding from the world, and sleeping as much as you can. But Kate Upton isn’t most people, because when she’s sick, she hits the beach in a bikini.

Though, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. When one is sick it’s all about being comfortable and Kate Upton is probably most comfortable in a bikini. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out even when Kate Upton is under the weather she slaps on her favorite bikini, be it on the beach or not. Heck, I bet Kate Upton has formal bikinis, night-in bikinis, workout bikinis, and of course sleepy time bikinis Also, where is her hubby giving her chicken soup and whatnot? Mr. Upton isn’t throwing fastballs right now so she should really be taking care of his sick and sexy wife.

When I’m sick I look like death warmed over and the last thing I want is for the world to see me. Thank goodness Kate Upton isn’t like that. When she’s sick, she's still sexy as hell.