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Kareen’s career, at first, seemed as though it would be long and fruitful. Unfortunately, fate wouldn’t have it that way for this fair, freckled young German lass, although she made a few notable pictures whilst she was active in the pursuit of the elusive limelight… She first appeared in 1978’s Sieben Sommersprossen, which is basically a not-quite-as-funny late-1970s German Meatballs without all that Bill Murray weighing it down. (Summer camp flick with pubescent sex… how couldn’t we draw a comparison?) In any case, Kareen showed off every inch of her snow-white Skinage in the flick, from her bouncy bazookas to her plump, squeezable rump in a flirting/running/frolicking/skinny dipping scene (It’s a long one… the scene that is) with her lover. She even shows some through-the-legs vertical smiles when the young dude picks her up!Unfortunately, that would mark only one of two times that Kareen would appear nude on film, seeing as she only managed to appear in one more, Und nächstes Jahr am Balaton in 1980. After that, she disappeared from the Skintertainment radar scope.

Und nächstes Jahr am Balaton (1980) Nude, butt, breasts, bush Great full frontal and butt while undressing and making out with her guy in a field. (1 min 57 secs)
Und nächstes Jahr am Balaton (1980) Nude, butt, breasts, bush Full frontal and butt while getting in some weird fight with a bunch of guys in speedos. (51 secs)
Sieben Sommersprossen (1978) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:38:00 Kareen traipses about in full birthday-suit mode as she and a naked fella go skinny-dipping and then frolic in a field. (1 min 16 secs)

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