We were enchanted with Jessica Biel when she was a good girl on 7th Heaven, and we became even more enamored when this good girl went bad and got nude in the fleshy favorite Powder Blue.

As it turns out, even Biel's internet presence is naughty, and according to experts, you have a 20% chance of ending up the victim of a computer virus or spyware if you download Jessica Biel content!

Everywhere EXCEPT for at MrSkin.com, of course.

Popeater writes:

Jessica Biel has landed at the top of McAfee's annual list of celebs whose search-engine results are most likely harboring spyware and computer viruses.

Shane Keats, a research analyst at McAfee, told CNN that Biel is "very, very popular right now... It says to me that cyber criminals really do know who's hot and who's not. They really are smart. They can spot a trend as well as anyone else can," Keats said.

Apparently, there is a 20 percent chance that searching for Biel's photos online will slow your computer system down.

With odds like that, it's best to keep it safe and grab all your sexy Jessica Biel content straight from 100% safe MrSkin and avoid CTDs (cyber-transmitted diseases)!

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