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Pixie-like sex kitten Meg Tilly asserts in her blog at that, despite rumors, her bodaciously buxom sister Jennifer Tilly did not serve as her body double on the 1993 sci-fi thriller Body Snatchers.

Writes Meg:

"Okay, I heard that there was rumor floating around that my sister was my body double in Body Snatchers. Come on people, grab a brain!

Jennifer Tilly in Fast SofaWhy in the world would my sister, a well-known, Oscar-nominated actress, fly all the way to Mississippi to be my body double in some second-rate movie? The very idea is ludicrous in the extreme.

The woman who was my body double was a stripper at a local club.

I remember being upset when the director cast her as my body double because although she had a beautiful body, her breasts were enormous, nothing like mine, and I felt he let his crotch get in the way of his artistic judgment.

Who knows what her real name is? But apparently what they put in the credits was ‘Jennifer.’ A common enough name, and most emphatically not my sister.”

Body Snatchers was directed by Abel Ferrara, who has helmed numerous films that boast naked flesh, such as Fear City, Cat Chaser, and The Bad Lieutenant.

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