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If ever there was a memorable topless scene in a low budget exploitation movie, Jennifer Ramirez might be the owner of that scene! She plays a stripper and/or gunwoman who spins around a brass pole topless, while unloading a machine gun into a crowd of bad guys like you're never seen before in the 2014 exploitation indie action flick King of the Game. Hopefully she knows how to handle her chest cannons as well as that hand cannon, because if she does, we got us a serious situation on our hands! Jennifer doesn't have a ton of acting credits to her name, so she definitely made one of them super memorable, if you ask us! Topless machine gunnery goes down as memorable in our books. Her biggest other credit to date was as a stand-in on the hit fantasy flick Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012). Now it looks as though Jennifer moved behind the camera when King of the Game was her last credit back in 2014, now she's part of the Sound Department working on Adam Green's Scary Sleepover and Horrified. So she's proven she can handle a machine gun and a boom mic, so maybe she's just adept at handle long, hard, stick shaped things... Or maybe our minds are in the gutter, either way, that Nudecomer debut of hers is one for the ages in King of the Game, so definitely get eyes on this gal and hopefully we get to see her in front of the lens again soon.