J-Lo Never Lets The Sexy Tanks Get Empty

I’d like to ask a favor of you. I want to you close your eyes and try to think about the last time you didn’t get to see Jennifer Lopez being sexy. Go on, I’ll wait I’ve got plenty of time. Okay, did you think of a moment? Nope. Neither could I; and you know, that’s just plain awesome.  

While it’s a fact that Jennifer Lopez is sexy almost all of the damn time, she doesn’t have to be sexy all the damn time if she doesn’t want. And she sure as hell doesn’t have to be seen at parties or snap a sexy selfie to Instagram, and yet she does. J-Lo does her best to make sure that our J-Lo sexiness tanks are never running on empty. That takes a lot of work and it’s not like Jennifer Lopez just sits around all day, looking sexy. She sings, dances, acts, goes shopping, hits up parties—she has a full schedule, but she never forgets about all of us. Really we should be taking Jennifer Lopez for all she does for us.  

Though now that I have pointed out that Jennifer Lopez is everywhere being sexy all the time, any lull in that will most likely cause major distress. You know what they say, hope for the best and plan for the worst. Better stock up on sexy J-Lo pics in case she gets the flu or something and can't post sexy pics. But I bet even if J-Lo had the flu, her flu pics would be really damn sexy.