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Asian arouser Jennifer Lee has no problem leaving it all on the table…or bar top, or roller rink—really anywhere a girl can have a bit of fun. Case in point, the Texas native makes everyone jealous with a bottle of champagne in CelebriTease (2006), where she poses naked on a bar. But she doesn’t just lay there looking sultry, Jennifer’s got moves. Legs in the air, then ass in the air, then tatas reaching upward, the world gets a mighty fine view of her two robustly round riches. But she doesn’t stop there. That champagne bottle enters the scene, and she saucily pours it All. Over. Her. Body. Bubbles obligingly cascade over her oranges, pool in her belly button, and dribble over her lips—all of them. A full, spread-eagle pose allows everyone to witness her lady garden (sans foliage) being thoroughly watered with the sparkling libation. Gulp. Then there’s Roller Booty (2007), a film about the local neighborhood roller rink where there’s more going on than holding hands and making circles. One of the party-goers at the rink, juicy Jennifer tries on a huge, curly black wig a la the 1970s, mostly noticeable because that’s all the tiny, tantalizing temptress is wearing. Once again presenting her bare bush and both her titular twin globes, the starlet proceeds to give a fellow skater a rolling lap dance. What skill! As hard as he looks (and he is looking very, very hard), Mr. Skin can’t seem to find Jennifer anywhere else. Boo! We’ll just have to toast our fond memories with champagne…