Miller's Girl serves as one of the best showcases so far for Jenna Ortega's undeniable sex appeal. This erotic thriller aimed at the teen crowd recently found a home on Netflix after bombing in theaters. We think that at home is where this flick will really shine, as folks need their personal space when checking out Jenna Ortega's sexy scenes. This is a private affair! And speaking of affairs, let's get into the plot of Miller's Girl before we get to Ortega's surprising lesbian moment.

Miller's Girl is a gen-Z The Crush, but instead of early 1990s "it" starlet Alicia Silverstone, we have early 2020s "it" starlet Jenna Ortega. Ortega's character Cairo is having trouble finding inspiration for her college admissions essay. Her friend Winnie (Gideon Adlon) finds her affair with the gym teacher to be very inspiring, and suggests that Cairo have an affair with a teacher as well.

Cairo strikes up a relationship with an English teacher named Jonathan Miller (Martin Freeman), but when she puts on the moves, Miller recoils for fear of getting into trouble. Cairo turns out to be one twisted girl, and uses her cunning and innate sex appeal to sink Miller's reputation and also to seduce Winnie, who Cairo knows secretly has a crush on her. Cairo is in her chaos era.

Just over an hour into Miller's Girl, Jenna strips down to her black lace bra to lock lips with Gideon Adlon, and it's as hot as you think it's going to be! Check out Jenna Ortega's highlights from Miller's Girl in the gallery below, as well as a roundup of her recent sexy moments, like her nip slip on Hot Ones and her porn shoot in X.

Jenna Ortega Porn Shoot, Bra, Lesbian Kiss, and More!