Joanna Krupa Enjoys Playing Grab-Ass With Patrycja Mikula

It should come as no shock that Joanna Krupa looks pretty damn sexy in a bikini and yet, each time I see her one, I’m a little taken back. I think it might be because I, along with everyone else, have just grown accustomed to seeing her nudethat when she is wearing something, it’s almost like seeing her in a new light.

Of course what Joanna Krupa would choose to wear is something incredibly sexy, like a pink bikini. Throw in the bonus of Joanna Krupa hanging out with model Patrycja Mikula playing a little game of grab-ass and well, she might never be sexier than she is right now. Which is crazy when you think about it because Joanna Krupa looks amazing when she’s nude and she’s nude a lot. Maybe this is like the reverse of someone who is dressed all the time and then goes nude. It’s like the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen, you can’t believe what you are looking at, and that person has never looked better. Though, that’s not to say that Joanna Krupa shouldn’t go on being nude all the time, she’s really hot when she’s not wearing any clothes.

It’s good to know that a nude Joanna Krupa is super sexy and a bikini clad Joanna Krupa is also super sexy. Good thing we’ll never have to choose between the two.