Why is this ringing a bell? Probably something to do with those rumors of a Hustler-sponsored sex tape last summer...

Oh well, new year, new nudie-mag rumors for SKINtillating Barbadian Rihanna. Citing the pop star's penchant for giving away semi-nude pics (like the one at left) of herself on Twitter, an "anonymous source" tells MTV UK:

"Rihanna and Hef are in top secret discussions at the moment...She is at the top of her game beautiful, sexy and with huge international appeal. Playboy is not a sleazy porn magazine either, and allows the stars to get nude in a classy and sophisticated way."

The source goes on to say: "Her concern is that she doesn’t alienate her army of young fans who could think this is a little too risque,” which sounds a bit fishy to us. The pot-smoking songstress of SM fame worried about protecting the fragile minds of her youngest fans? We doubt it.

Besides, move that forearm about three inches to the right, Rihanna, and you'll get yourself some new ones. Fans, that is. What you've got on your chest already is juuuuuuust fine.

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