Since the advent of the MeToo Movement, studios have been employing what are known as Intimacy Coordinators for films and especially television shows with racy content. This is an effort to help everyone on set, particularly the performers, feel comfortable with the parameters of a sex or nude scene before putting it on film, so to speak. There's an effort to minimize the crew required on set and just generally create an atmosphere of intimacy, which in turn creates a more intimate finished product. Or so the common wisdom would seem to suggest. The practice has been the subject of a great deal of controversy, however, particularly in light of an article in The Hollywood Reporter covering the subject.

For better or worse, we know that these ten shows employed intimacy coordinators on set for all ten of these scenes, so it's safe to assume these are among the best examples of the Intimacy Coordinator's work in action. Please enjoy our Best Nude Scenes Coached by Intimacy Coordinators!


h/t Screen Rant and Hollywood Reporter