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HALLOWEEN: Original and Remake Nude Scenes

The Halloween series of movies has featured plenty of hotties over the years. We have done a little trick or treating and gathered up all the hot nude scenes from the franchise. Sandy Johnson shows some boobs while brushing her hair in just her panties. We get a good look at the knockers before she gets knocked off in Halloween (1978). P.J. Soles gets banged then shows us her bangers while relaxing in bed and having a smoke in Halloween. P.J. is back again when she pulls open her shirt and shows her stunners to a ghost that ends up strangling her. In Halloween. Nancy Kyes peels of her clothes and strips down to her panties while be watched from the window and Danielle Harris flashes her pair while getting some on the couch. In the Halloween (2007) remake, Kristina Klebe gives us all three B’s while getting banged in front of the fireplace. After sex she stands up and shows us the goodies before Michael Meyers takes her out. The Halloween series has provided us with plenty of scares and plenty of things to stare out. Enjoy this playlist of the hottest nude scenes from the series. 


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