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Greatest Spanking Scenes

Bad girls getting punished, good girls getting pleasured, and wild girls getting kinky are what we have here in this collection of the hottest spanking scenes ever filmed. There are some of the biggest, best known actresses in the world getting their rears reddened in this startlingly hot playlist and their pain is our pleasure. Cecile Pochet leaves nothing to the imagination when she is tied nude to a chair with her ass spread wide open then spanked and teased with a riding crop and a bare hand in Maitresse. See Jessica Alba nude when she sheds her good girl image and gets her panties yanked off and her perfect bare ass paddled with a belt then gets her brains screwed out in The Killer Inside Me. The kinky good times continue in The Killer Inside Me when Kate Hudson gets her bare bottom blistered by a bare hand and loves every swat. Sexy Keira Knightly gets in on the kinky good times when she shows some nipple while tied up and thrashed in A Dangerous Method. Julie du Page gets her fantastic fanny swatted by an older guy in Le jour et la nuit. Maggie Gyllenhaal hikes up her dress and paddles her own cheeks while wearing panties in Secretary. Stephanie Restivo and Shavon Ryan show off their lower end talents as they shake their thong clad asses and spank each other in Dirty Movie. Dana Delany has her see-thru knickers pulled down and her glorious glutes punished while several men watch in Live Nude Girls. This playlist of red hot spanking scenes is sure to get your blood boiling.

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