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Cave Dwelling Divas


In the movies, caves have a weird hold over women and their clothes. Anytime a chick is in a cave, her clothes seem to come right off. Fine by us, right? Skinjoy these cave dwelling divas doffing their clothes. Phoebe Cates shows off her cute fanny in Paradise. It’s a T&A performance by Mia Sara in Black Day, Blue Night. With the fire roaring, Paz Vega warms up her T&A in Carmen. Jennifer Connelly shows right jug and a bit of bush while making out with her dude Of Love and Shadows. Leonor Watling doffs her top to show her soft and amazing breasts Son de mar. Carice van Houten shows some pregnancy rack in Game of Thrones. Natalie O’Connell shows her soft boobies while walking in a cave in Breeders. Alexandra Delli Colli gets her fully nude body painted in Zombie Holocaust. Ania Bukstein and Michal Shtamler get fully nude for a cave bath The Secrets. It’s a T&A performance from Camille Keaton in Decameron No. 2 – Le alter novelle di Boccaccio. Sandahl Bergman bares her boobies in a cave bath in She. Ione Skye gets her rack played with in Gas Food Lodging. Elena Lyons does a dance and reveals her boobs in Club Dread. Whoa! Lauren Hays emerges from a cave wearing only boots in Womb Raider. Natalia Celino makes with the T&A in A Vampire’s Tale. Janina Rudenska unveils her left loober while making out in a cave in Ins Blaue. With a storm brewing outside, Yuki Amami gives us some looks at her boobies in Inugami. See Akiko Kana’s cans as she bathes in an underground spring in The Geisha. Let the games begin!! Sabine Sun and Alena Johnston get oiled up to fight in War Goddess. Full frontal Jill Kelly gets her chesticles doused in Virtual Encounters. It’s a full frontal performance from Anne Gautier in Es ist nicht leicht ein Gott zu sein. She’s chained and sad looking, but Tomomi Miyashita bares her beautiful boobies in Marebito. The best way to sleep in a cave is topless, so Erica Roby doffs her top in Hillside Cannibals. Kaja Gjesdal gives up some lifeless boob in Underworld: Evolution. It’s a tough scene, but Ahna Tessler teases tush and tits in Offspring. Strawberry Angel bares her big ol’ berries in Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders. Brigitte Bako shucks her top to get wild in the water in Dark Tide. Caterina Perazzi racks out as a spider chick in Dead Shadows. There’s a lot of sex and nudity occurring in caves. Mr. Skin has to spend his next vacay exploring some caves.


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