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Although she has played wiggy brunettes and carried long, blonde hair as though it were her own, British film actress Georgina Cates is a redhead by birth and inclination. Fiery, intense, and risqué, Georgina is a girl who knows how to play naked. Unveiling her bounty in An Awfully Big Adventure (1995), Cates sits all nips up in bed, portraying the star-struck jail bait inamorata of Alan Rickman (playing an aging ham). With her red hair in an adolescent bob and her adolescent titties bobbing upward, Cates steals the scene, the movie, and our hearts. We will follow her to America and worship her milky skin and rose-petal nipples in Illuminata (1998). We will twitch with desire as she flings her head back and thrusts out a breast in a sex video within the film of Clay Pigeons (1998). We will attempt to transport ourselves into the apartment that she so casually and so nakedly strolls through in Big City Blues (1999). We are hooked.

Top Scenes

Illuminata (1998) Nude, breasts 00:05:00 Nice side shot of her right breast while getting pleasured on the floor. (8 secs)
Illuminata (1998) Nude, breasts 00:27:00 Great view of Georgina's left love pillow, while a lucky dude paints her nipple. (25 secs)
Clay Pigeons (1998) Sexy, underwear underwear scene at 6minutes (30 secs)
Clay Pigeons (1998) Sexy, underwear underwear on bed scene at 14 minutes (1 min 3 secs)
Clay Pigeons (1998) Nude, breasts 00:54:00 Boobs on film! Garofalo et al ogle Georgina's rositas in a grainy boff video. (17 secs)
An Awfully Big Adventure (1995) Nude, breasts 01:25:00 A quick view of Georgina's sweet rib cushions as she spends some more bedroom time with Mr. Rickman. (37 secs)
An Awfully Big Adventure (1995) Nude, breasts 01:13:00 Adorably bouncing boobers as Ms. Cates applies her bra while in bed with Alan Rickman. (56 secs)
Big City Blues (1999) Nude, breasts, butt 01:10:00 Big City Blues, and little titties, too! Georgina launches into a long, naked soliloquy, but we prefer her teatters and tushie to do the talkin'. (3 mins 25 secs)


Frankie Starlight (1995) - as Young Emma

Loving (1995) - as Edith

Clay Pigeons (1998) - as Amanda

Illuminata (1998) - as Simone

Stiff Upper Lips (1998) - as Emily

Big City Blues (1999) - as Angela

TV Shows

2 Point 4 Children - as Jenny Porter

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