If Mike Nichols' 1970 attempt to adapt Joseph Heller's "Catch-22" into a film taught us nothing else, it's that the book is as close to un-filmable as books can get. Nevertheless, this is the place and time in which everything can be commodified, so George Clooney is now attempting his own adaptation of Heller's novel, this time in a mini-series on Hulu.

While I will admit that the longer form narrative will allow him the space and time to give the story room to breathe, the thing about "Catch-22" is its very unique use of language. It takes a reader between seven and ten chapters to even get used to Heller's storytelling style and this sort of thing just doesn't translate on film, no matter the medium.

Both the book and the original film featured female nudity—as well as male nudity—so it stands to reason that this adaptation will as well. Then again, one never knows which plot lines and characters will end up casualties to the adaptation. You can check out the nudity from the original filmbelow, courtesy of Paula Prentiss and Olimpia Carlisi, and get ready for Clooney's Catch-22 to hit Hulu on Friday May 17!

George Clooney's Upcoming Adaptation of 'Catch-22' Gets Debut TrailerGeorge Clooney's Upcoming Adaptation of 'Catch-22' Gets Debut Trailer