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Birthplace: Rosh Ha'ayin, IL

Date of Birth: 04/30/85

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Fast Five (2011) Sexy, bikini
Triple 9 (2016) Sexy, bikini
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Can someone crack a window? Israeli hot in here! Brunette bombshell Gal Gadot is one of the most influential Israeli celebrities on the planet. In fact, her upbringing in Israel can be credited in part for her success. Gadot first made a name for herself by winning the Miss Israel pageant in 2004 and later by completing her mandatory two years in the Israel Defences. The latter might not necessarily sound like an asset in Hollywood, but Gadot credits her comfort with advanced weaponry with securing the role of Gisele in the Fast & Furious franchise. So let's cut to the chase - after seeing this statuesque stunner in some of the biggest movies of the 2010s and 2020s, you're probably wondering "Where can I find pics of Gal Gadot nude?" and "Where can I find clips of Gal Gadot topless?" And we are here to tell you that you can find them, well, here! Gal Gadot photos and even Gal Gadot nude pics abound on our site. Keep scrolling for all of the Gal Gadot you can handle!

Gal Gadot's Early Years 

Gal Gadot is the daughter of a physical education teacher mom, which makes sense, because fitness has always been key for Gal Gadot. In fact when Gal served her mandatory two years in the Israel Defenses, she herself was tasked with teaching combat fitness. Sure, it's different than playing dodgeball, but we can't help but imagine Gal's mom was the inspiration for her rigorous workout routine.

Long before Gal served in the Israeli Defenses, she was just a curious girl growing up in the small city of Rosh HaAyin in central Israel. Gadot showed an interest in dance from an early age, and continued to enjoy entertainment throughout her teens. However Gal's likeability stems from her down-to-Earth attitude. In fact in order to make some extra money as a teen, she worked at Burger King. Relatable content!

Everything changed for Gal after she was crowned Miss Israel at 18 in 2004. The writing was on the wall. Gal Gadot was destined for superstardom, and it would only be a couple of years after winning Miss Israel that Gal would become a household name around the world.

Gal Gadot's "Fast" Rise To Superstardom

Gal Gadot's first big role came in 2009's Fast & Furious as the character Gisele. This also marks Gal's first-ever sexy scene added to Mr. Skin. She casually chats up Vin Diesel in the garage in just a thin white tank top. Even though Gadot has on multiple layers, you can still see her nipples through her shirt! Gadot has an amazing natural rack and the fact that teen boy audiences of Fast & Furious first got to glimpse her nipples here means that those theater floors in 2009 were extra sticky.

After a starring role in the high-octane street racing flick Fast & Furious (2009), Israeli eyeful Gal Gadot appeared in two big-budget summer flicks with remarkably similar titles: the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz action-comedy Knight and Day (2010) and the Steve Carrell and Tina Fey action-comedy Date Night (2010).

The brilliant minds behind the Fast & Furious franchise know when they have a good thing going, and in the 2011 follow-up Fast Five, Gadot appeared in even less clothing than she did in 2009's Fast & Furious. The Gisele Yashar movies are some of our favorites in the franchise, and you will soon understand why. In Fast Five Gadot fills the living daylights out of a bikini while enticing a man at an exotic beachside resort. Let's take a second to appreciate everything going on here. She has a flat stomach that only two years of teaching combat fitness in the Israeli Defense can achieve. She has a perfect firm butt, ample cleavage, and is overall just plain stunning. 2011 left us wanting more. And more we got.

Gal Gadot Gucci Commercial

At the beginning of this biography, we promised that if you asked "Are there photos of Gal Gadot nude?" you would not leave disappointed. Believe it or not, Gal Gadot's only on-screen nudity to date can be found in her Gucci Bamboo Fragrance Ad in 2015. By the mid-2010s Gadot was one of the most bankable celebrities in Hollywood, and secured a number of high-profile advertising campaigns. But nothing was quite as revealing as her spot for the fine folks over at Gucci. Gucci Gucci goo, we see you!

In the Gal Gadot Gucci commercial, she plays the piano while fully naked for an undisclosed reason. Like anyone needs a reason for Gal Gadot to play the piano nude. The camera cuts off a couple of inches below her butt, allowing us to see her perfect hourglass figure complete with the perfect amount of sand in the bottom. We love seeing the sexy model from behind, and getting that great view of her sweet cheeks and sexy lower back dimples. What can we say? We love when Gadot takes a crack at the piano!

The Hits Keep Coming For Gal Gadot

Gadot continued getting sexy by appearing in her undies in Triple 9 (2016). We get a close-up look at her knockers here that proves she's got the best naturals in the biz. You can't clock those knockers, don't even try! Also in 2016 Gadot kissed the spicy redhead Isla Fisher while wearing tight and sexy clothes in Keeping Up with the Joneses. Gadot also sports her naughtiest lingerie to date in Keeping Up with the Joneses during a clothing try-on scene. She'll wear this one out of the store, Mr. Salesperson, thank you.

2016 was a huge year for Gal Gadot, because it would mark the debut of her career-defining role as Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman. Audiences loved her feminist take on the world's most famous female superhero, and we loved a little look at her super undergarments as she gets knocked to the ground during a fight scene. In the massive 2017 hit Wonder Woman, Gadot showed us just how wonderful women can be by letting us peek at her cleavage and by showing off plenty of leg, top boob, and even a few shots of her tight ass in her sexy, skimpy Wonder Woman costume. It ain't Wonder Woman nude, but it ain't bad! In 2019 we got more upper leg shots in Wonder Woman 1984 and the following year, even more in Zack Snyder's Justice League. In a word: Wonderful. Finally, The movie Red Notice took full advantage of Gal Gadot's sex appeal by pouring her into a form-fitting red dress as well as a perfectly-fitted bathing suit. Oh, we took notice alright! 

In Conclusion

Wonder Woman (and her incredible good looks) has sent Gal’s career into orbit. Between future superhero movies, lending her voice to cartoons like Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) and The Simpsons, kissing Kate McKinnon on SNL and looking all kinds of sexy in the video for the Maroon 5 song Girls Like You, Gal is only getting hotter in every possible way. From her humble beginnings in a small town in Israel to become one of the most spankable, we mean bankable!, stars in the biz, things are only looking up for Gal Gadot. Sure we'd love to see more Gal Gadot nude photos, maybe a Gal Gadot sex tape or three, but we're not ones to look a gift butt in a Gucci commercial in the mouth. She'll make you bust a Gal Gadot-nut!


Heart of Stone (2023) - as Rachel Stone

Red Notice (2021) - as Sarah Black

Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021) - as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) - as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (2017) - as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) - as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) - as Natalie Jones

Triple 9 (2016) - as Elena Vlaslov

Nude, sexy, butt Gal plays the piano nude in this perfume commercial, giving us a great look at her amazing ass! (15 secs)

Fast Five (2011) - as Gisele Yashar

Date Night (2010) - as Natanya

Fast & Furious (2009) - as Gisele Yashar

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Saturday Night Live (1975-) - as Self - Host

Bubot - as Miriam Elkayam

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