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Gorgeous German gal Gabriele Lafari only made five films during her thirteen year career, but she appeared nude in three of them, giving her a BPM average (that's Boobs Per Movie)! She got off on the right foot, getting nude in her debut film Blondie's Number One (1971), baring her boobs and booty! She then kicked things up a notch with her next film, Harlis (1972), also known as The Sensuous Three, where she got fully nude for a sapphic tryst with co-star Mascha Rabben! And of course she went out on a high note with Die flambierte Frau (1983), or A Woman in Flames, baring her dingers and duff in a red corset, preparing to get pounded by some guy! Gabriele Lafari will send you on a sausage safari!