is the Casey Kasem of celebrity bikini pictures--we're counting 'em down every week! Get a long distance dedication in your drawers as you peruse the five finest bodies to cram themselves into miniscule scraps of fabric this week.

As summer winds to a close and the days get shorter, swimwear remains deliciously abbreviated as the following sumptuous starlets wring the last bits of sunshine out of these final warm days.

5. Rachael Leigh Cook

Rachael is such a beautifully beachy little peachy that we can even overlook the disappointing lack of skimpy bottoms. Still, She's All That.

(via Fatback Media)

4. Kristen Bell

As Veronica Mars, she was an intrepid girl detective. We'd like to do some skinvestigating of our own.

(via Egotastic!)

3. Gemma Atkinson

She's never in danger of sinking.

(via Less Clothes)

2. Pamela Anderson

Pam's flawless 41-year-old body made daytime talk TV a little sexier this week. She's so hot that if Ellen wasn't already a lesbian, Pam would have turned her gay by the end of the episode.

(via CelebNewsWire)

1. Sophie Monk

This blonde Australian eyeful has it all: booberangs, Aussie assie, and a string bikini bottom covering Down Under. Absolute perv-fection.

(via The Blemish)