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Birthplace: , DE

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Premutos: Lord of the Living Dead (1997) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 01:00:32 Some nerdy guy dreams of a sexcapade with this brunette demon, complete with bush, butt and lotsa boobs. (1 min 51 secs)
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Ella Wellmann is a German actress who is known for only one movie, because it's the only movie she ever made. Luckily, it’s a comedy-horror flick that delivers the jokes and the jugs. The chills, thrills, and chest hills. The spooky scares and the perky pairs. The boohs and the boobs. We're saying there are topless scenes in it. If that wasn't clear enough. These moments are due entirely to our dark-haired beauty’s body, which she shares freely with the camera, so freely in fact that there are behind-the-scenes footage that adds even more flesh to the offering. That movie is Premutos: Lord of the Living Dead (1997), which tells the story of Premutos, the first of the fallen angels who came before even Lucifer, and whose goal is to rule the world, the living and the dead. Luckily for the world a young man finds a warlock's book and raises a zombie army to stop him. We won’t spoil the movie by letting you know if he succeeds, but Ella does succeed in flashing her nice tits, sweet bum and even a glimpse of her burning bush that are all worth selling your soul to see. The scene that made it into the movie is one where Ella unleashes her bombs on a man after flying into his window, then rides him in a montage of very cinematic sex scenes. If that's a little artsy for you, the movie's behind the scenes footage shows the scenes being filmed, which largely consists of Ella feeling very comfortable straddling a man completely nude while a director tries to figure out exactly where he wants the camera to go. Forget all that movie magic, just show her boobies while Ella's bouncing on that dick! Trust us, Ella knows how to please a fella! We would love to move on and talk about all the other triple B baring scenes she's done over the years but, well man, unfortunately that was all we got out of Ella Wellmann.