Elizabeth Hurley's Sexiness Helps All Of Us Get Through The Day

In this day and age when new technology makes what he have obsolete after a few months, things break down and are cheaper to replace than repair. I feel, however, that in a throw away culture such as ours, we should really stop for a moment and recognize the constant hotness of Elizabeth Hurley.  

What are the odds that you are staring at this sexy bikini Instagram post of Elizabeth Hurley on an old and outdated computer and/or smart phone? My guess is the odds are pretty good (I am totally including myself in this count). And yet, no matter what kind of computer or what kind of smart phone, through all of the updates and changes that have been made, throughout all of that Elizabeth Hurley has remained incredibly hot. I’m not sure how she does it, nor do I really need a detailed list of reasons why Elizabeth Hurley is consistently hot. The important thing is that no matter what happens in this crazy topsy-turvy world, we will always have a sexy Elizabeth Hurley.  

There’s something wonderful about the fact that we can always count on Elizabeth Hurley to be sexy. It gives me that warm and safe feeling inside my chest, like I can tackle anything and know no matter how it turns out, Elizabeth Hurley will be there and she will be sexy as hell.