Bosomy British glamor icon Elizabeth Hurley has publicly declared that her remarkably still-buoyant rack is of her own growing, and not the work of a plastic surgeon.

"I read that I've just had breast implants-happy to report still au naturel but I do wear exceptionally well cut bikinis...." the former girlfriend of professional blowjob-loving Hugh Granttweeted on Monday.

The eternally fashionable actress and model, 45, was photographed traipsing about Spain last week, looking spry and sexy in a bikini that most 22-year-olds would be proud to pull off.

Previously in 2010, Liz went braless in a see-through sari that spectacularly proved that her stunning love balloons continue to defy gravity.

Small wonder, then, that rumors accuse Hurley having had breast implants, Botox and lip injections.

Check out the recent see-through paparazzi shots where bra-free Liz's lovely left boob is visible.

Now check out some of Mr. Skin's favorite Elizabeth Hurley nude scenes (below) to compare her modern mammary to her classic gazonga unveilings, when she was young and fresh and indisputably all natural.

First up is Liz's operatic unveiling in Aria (1987)

Now check out 22-year-old Liz's flotation devices in Rowing with the Wind (1987)

Elizabeth Hurley in Rowing with the Wind

Finally, the original Austin Powers babe looked positively shagadelic sunbathing topless a decade ago in The Weight of Water (2000)

Elizabeth Hurley in The Weight of Water

So you give us your skin-alysis in the comments section: Has Elizabeth Hurley had breast implants? See Elizabeth Hurley nude here!