Mr. Skin's Pick of the Week

Death in Love (2009)
STUDIO: Screen Media
NUDE: Morena Baccarin (FFN, butt), Vanessa Kai (breasts, butt)
Jacqueline Bisset is a Holocaust survivor who escapes death in the camps by having an affair with a Nazi doctor in charge of human experiments in the drama Death in Love (2009). Years later she is living in New York City with her two neurotic sons, Josh Lucas, who works at a fraudulent modeling agency, and Lukas Haas, who’s locked in an Oedipal relationship with his mother. Jacqueline and Vanessa Kai flash some flesh, and Brazilian-born sci-fi siren Morena Baccarin makes her nude debut, baring boobs and a little butt and bush in an uncredited role. What’s not to love about Death in Love?

Blood Creek (2009)
STUDIO: Lions Gate
NUDE: Ana Popescu (right breast)
Joel Schumacher's Blood Creek (2009), a.k.a. Town Creek, stars Prison Break's Dominic Purcell as Evan Marshall, who's brother Victor leaves for a camping trip and seems to vanish for good. But when Victor returns, Evan learns that his sibling has been held captive, and the secrets to why may be hidden in mysterious occurrences of the earlier 20th century. But will the brothers be able to exact revenge and get to the bottom of the creepy goings-on?

Gamer (2009)Blu-ray
STUDIO: Lions Gate
NUDE: Jade Ramsey (breasts), Nikita Ramsey (breasts)
Dexter star Michael C. Hall is a video-game genius who has figured out how to use actual humans as avatars in Gamer (2009). Human video-game character Kable (Gerard Butler), after being made to kill his best friend, is trying to win his freedom from prison by fighting another inmate controlled by an at-home player. As Kable's wife, who is also being controlled by a gamer, Amber Valletta looks sexy throughout, dressed her up in kinky costumes. And in addition to a few uncredited boobs, twins Nikita and Jade Ramsey both flash breasts, making this one fun game.

Kingdom of the Spiders (1977)
STUDIO: Shout! Factory
NUDE: Tiffany Bolling (breasts)
An intrepid veterinarian probes a mysterious rash of livestock killings in the creepy-crawly horror movie Kingdom of the Spiders (1977). Not for the squeamishly arachnophobic, John “Bud” Cardos’s film follows Rack Hansen (William Shatner) as he attempts to decipher what’s been sucking the blood out of grown pigs, sheep, and cows. As it turns out, Hansen’s town is located along a migratory path for tarantulas, and before long the furry black monsters are swarming the streets. Costar Tiffany Bolling apparently didn’t get the memo, however, because she showers blithely as though nothing’s wrong. Given a glimpse at her breasts, you can bet that the furry spider across the room isn’t the only one who’d like to take a crawl across her fleshy mounds.

Magnolia (1999)Blu-ray
NUDE: Melora Walters (breasts)
Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia (1999) is a sweeping, ambitious work that captures 24 hours in the lives of seemingly unconnected characters in Los Angeles. Julianne Moore is a beautiful trophy wife who married her rich older husband for his money. As he lies on his death bed, she is stricken with guilt because she grew to truly love him. Lonely cop John C. Reilly tries to convince coke addict Melora Walters that her baggage isn't enough to scare him away. Slimy motivational speaker Tom Cruise teaches men how to sneakily seduce women, but his true emotions surface when he learns of his father's impending death. These characters and more are discovered to be linked when a bizarre, catastrophic event befalls L.A. and helps to change all of their destinies.

Weeds: Season Five
STUDIO: Lions Gate
NUDE: Mary-Louise Parker (right breast)
When Mary-Louise Parker’s engineer husband drops dead from a heart attack on the hit Showtime satire Weeds, she’s left with a big house in the suburbs to pay for, a maid’s salary to maintain, and two sons to raise. But instead of becoming someone’s secretary, Mary-Louise goes into salespot sales, that is. While she’s trying to hide her new business from her family (and snooping neighbors like Elizabeth Perkins), she’s helping the rest of the neighborhood, including city councilman Kevin Nealon, toke up. But Weeds isn’t all about joints and dimebags thanks to some outstanding nudity. Season five's highlight is definitely seeing Mary-Louise’s right riblet in a truly bizarre breastfeeding scene.