Last week, on online article on the Brit Blog The Independent questioned whether or not audiences were still willing to go to the movies to see naked knockers on the big screen. Based on, among other things, the poor box office showing of Love and Other Drugs, despite Anne Hathaway's much-hyped nude scene, the author concludes that it does not.

Part of the reason, he thinks, is that, "the internet has provided us with free access to many things we previously expected to pay good money for, including pictures of movie stars' breasts."

Mr. Skin's ears are burning!

But even if A-list stars doing grade (T&)A nudity didn't translate to ticket sales for movies like Love and Other Drugs, Chloe, and Eyes Wide Shut (which came out the same year as Mr. Skin was launched), lack of nudity in a flick where audiences expect it is still a sure-fire way to torpedo an opening weekend.

The article gives us a case in point:

Jennifer's Body, a teen sex horror, might seem appealing to horny teenage boys except that its writer, Diablo Cody, made very clear that it was a more complex work than that: a tale of female friendship and empowerment. The boys stayed away in droves (and so did the girls).

Damn right. Now let's see Anne Hathaway's princess dairies again!