The 2022 Winter Olympics in Bejing are here and there are HOT athletes to watch from all over the world. That's my favorite part about The Olympics. We see athletes in their best physical shape putting their bodies to the limit, often wearing very little clothing. From ice skating to luge, I like to watch it all. Here are some of the sexiest athletes competing this year from all over the globe:

One of the HOTTEST Olympians competing is Jutta Leerdam, a speed skater from the Netherlands. This Dutch queen has a SPICY Instagram that is filled with tight clothing and bikinis.

Italians make everything sensual, so it's only natural that Italian athlete Dorothea Wierer seems so effortlessly sexy. The biathlete is one of the most versatile Olympians on this list because her sport calls for it. She can ski AND she can shoot a rifle and she looks good doing it. She cleans up nicely too:

Kelly Sildaru is a freestyle skier who previously won gold at the Snowboarding World Championships in 2021. Estonia declared her the best athlete in the country after that accomplishment.

Hannah Prock is an Austrian athlete competing on the Luge Team. Hannah is a gorgeous young woman with a big bust that she likes to show off in flirty social media pics. She is an incredible athlete making her country proud! Who knew that a competitor for luge could make you grow huge?

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Do you love hot Russians? Then skeleton competitor Yulia Kanakina is the woman for you.

Eileen Gu is competing for her home country, China. She lives in San Francisco, but she competed in freestyle skiing for China and only two days she won GOLD. She is so stunning and talented that she has already been featured as a fashion model in several major magazines. I have no doubt that we will be seeing more from this athlete in the future. Check out how sexy this gold medal Chinese American champion is.

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And competing for the American team, it's 25-year-old ice skater Mariah Bell. This southern bell from Oklahoma looks sweet, but she skates mean on the ice. She looks good doing it, too.

American skater Kaitlin Hawayek competes as part of a team with Jean-Luc Baker in ice dancing, but she is a standout for her looks. Check out how fit her figure is when she wears sports bras and yoga pants to train:

Want more? Check out some sexy ice skating from the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics when skater Gabriella Papadakis had a nip slip on the ice: