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Casual (2015-2018)

Great Nudity!


Unique in that the vast majority of its episodes were directed by women, Hulu's Casual was one of the streaming site's first critically acclaimed original series', that paved the way for stuff like The Handmaid's Tale and The Dropout. Inspired by the creator's real life, brother and sister duo Valerie (Michaela Watkins) and Alex (Tommy Dewey) end up living together after Valerie’s marital troubles lead to her getting divorced. Although adults, both Alex and Valerie are still figuring out the whole life thing, and we learn that a pretty terrible childhood led to their current quirky coping methods. She is stuck testing the not so awesome waters of the divorcee dating scene, he's still trying to live the cool bachelor life after creating a dating app designed for one night stands, and even Valerie's daughter (Tara Lynne Barr) has started eyeing and between the thighing some feminine eye candy. She never flashes, but does have plenty of lezzy encounters with ladies like Lorenza Izzo and Dylan Gelula. Yes, pretty much everyone's having casual sex on Casual. Lasting four seasons, there were plenty of both sexy and hilarious moments on the show. At one point, Eliza Coupe and Teri Andrez flash their funbags during a foursome that Alex can't seem to work his way into. Diora Bairds' bigums are on display as she rides Alex, though he's weirded out that the dog's watching, then annoyed that it needs to go out to pee just as the pivot to doggy style had started. Jennifer Daley drops it low as a topless, thong wearing stripper, while we get just a bit of skin from Maya Erskine, who flashes ass while getting to of bed. Michaela Watkins shows her buns, which have us seriously questioning why her hubby cheated on her. Divorce? No way. We'd ride her like a horse! All that action on Hulu? Who knew? We wish all Hulu shows had us many hooters as Casual!