Boxing Helena is a bizarre skinematic brew fittingly whipped up by writer-director Jennifer Lynch, the real-life daughter of midnight-movie mastermind David Lynch.It first confounded and aroused audiences on this date in 1993.

Awash in controversy even before it was filmed, Boxing Helena spins the twisted tale of a surgeon (Warlock’s class act Julian Sands) who takes his sexual issues out on Sherilyn Fenn as hit-and-run victim Helena, who lands in his emergency care.

Redesigning Sherilyn as his ideal female, he removes her arms and legs, and aims to make use of off the juicy parts in the middle. Plus he keeps the limbless Helena in a box, hence the title.

From there, Boxing Helena is a cavalcade of kink, showcasing Sherilyn doing some of her most nakedly salacious work at the height of her early-90s heated heyday.

Press play for a full blast of Boxing Helena’s bare best.