benz dexterNo one was more disappointed than the Skin Team when the season finale of Boardwalk Empire was completely non-nude. Even the episodes that didn't have any nudity from the main cast members still had the (skin)decency to throw in a couple of topless showgirls in the background or something.

But the finale? Nada nude-as! So since this coming Sunday marks the finale of Dexter, and thus, the finale of the fall cable shows, we're placing all our hopes on the Showtime serial killer show to deliver a death blow of epic skin before the holidays begin.

Unfortunately, after the departure of Julie Benz as Rita and Courtney Ford as Christine, Dexter's been in a bit of a skin slump this season. New series addition Julia Stiles has brought nothing but pokies, and Marissa Skell did flash funbags, but only for a split second.

Don't murder nudity, Dexter! Go out with a bloody, booby bang this Sunday. After all, it's a long, cold couple of weeks until the season premieres of Spartacus, Californication, Big Love, and Shameless.