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Red Hot GIFs of Sexy Babes in Red Bras for Valentines Day Betty gilpin 5b285b66 web

Happy Valentines Day from Mr. Skin! ... read more

GIFs from Mr. Skin's Top Nude Scenes of 2018 Ezgif com video to gif  36  389afeee web

Get the year's best nudity in GIF form! ... read more

"GLOW" Renewed, More Alison Brie Nudity On The Way? Alison brie 435032 infobox 84fde745 featured

Netflix made one of the easiest decisions they’ve ever had to make: GLOW has been renewed for a second season. And I think we are all ready to see what happens in the ring, but also what Alison Brie’s next topless scene will be. ... read more

Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin Are The Next Dynamic Duo 47243247 001 04d157c3 featured

Now, They Need A Portmanteau... AlBet? GilBrie?... read more

The First Official GLOW Trailer Is Filled With Leotards Glow 105 00328r ddc4f71d featured

The haircuts may be bad, but the outfits are so, so good.... read more

G.L.O.W. Cast Signed Nudity Agreements. Will Alison Brie Go Nude? Brie get hard 767725 infobox 1013ec92 featured

We break down one of the most anTITcipated shows of the year here at Mr. Skin.... read more

Niecy Nash and Betty Gilpin Will Be on Season 4 of "Masters Of Sex" Nursejackie goodthing gilpin 03 infobox 4c78bc99 featured

Since we have all marked our calendars for the return of Masters of Sex in September, the one thing I was most waiting for was to learn who will guest star this season, and today we know the answer. Niecy Nash and Betty Gilpin will be joining the show for the 4th season. ... read more

Nudeworthy on Netflix: Swordfish, Amorous, & More 1.6.16 20977 web

Happy Nude Year for Netflix! We've got five titles that are sure to set your first week of this new year on fire!

Hit the jump for more pics and info...... read more

Nurse Jackie and More: Celebrity Nudity on DVD and Blu-ray 2.18.14 [PICS] 14882 web

Some great boob tube choices on DVD/Blu-ray this week, starting out with the fifth season of Nurse Jackie. The medical drama didn't have much skin action in the first four seasons, that’s why Betty Gilpin's nude debut was such a pleasant surprise. More than pleasant really, it was so amazing that she’s up for a Best Breasts award over at the Peeper’s Choice!

Games of Thrones’ third season is also hitting shelves, bringing along Rose Leslie’s nude debut as a girl gone wilding, as well as welcome T&A in the bath from Emilia Clarke, and more.

Finally, Juno Temple plays a prostitute that catches Kathryn Hahn’s eye in Afternoon Delight (2013), and we get an eyeful with topless scenes from both.

See pics after the jump!... read more

TV Nudity Report: Game of Thrones, Nurse Jackie, Da Vinci's Demons [PICS] 13451 web

All that rubbing of your lucky dragon eggs has paid off, because the Queen of Dragons is nude again on the boob tube! It’s been far too long since we’ve gotten a gander at Emilia Clarke’s fine naked form on Game of Thrones, but she made up for that last night on one very specRACKular episode. Aside from Emilia’s fantastic slippery scene in the tub, Carice Van Houten also brightened our day by taking her bewitching T&A out for a ceremony. We’ve seen the light! Plus, nudecomer Talitha Luke-Eardley managed to slip some nipple out of her skimpy top playing a Yunkai'i whore.

On Showtime, Nurse Jackie is on a nude roll thanks to more doctor dumplings from Betty Gilpin. Meanwhile on Starz, Da Vinci's Demons got back in the racktion with a topless ride from Lara Pulver.... read more

TV Nudity Report: Game of Thrones, Nurse Jackie [PICS] 13408 web

After a disappointing showing from Game of Thrones two weeks ago, the fantasy show has tripled our pleasure this week with a trio of naked Westerosi woman.

First up, Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter Oona Chaplin was showing moona in a long gab session with the King of the North. Then brunette Charlotte Hope got completely naked while blonde Stephanie Blacker showed T&A to fool around with the captive Theon Greyjoy. It’s soon revealed that this is all part of his torture, but his pain is our gain!

Over on Showtime, Nurse Jackie is working its way through a revelatory fifth season with its first nude scenes to date! It was four skin free years before Betty Gilpin finally bared her butt during the season five premiere, and last night’s episode had her presenting her perfect pair before bending down to give a BJ. That horny health care worker will make you shake your thermometer!

See pics after the jump!... read more

TV Nudity Report: Spartacus, Da Vinci's Demons, Nurse Jackie, Game of Thrones [PICS] 13266 web

Last week marked the series finale of the Starz series Spartacus, which bid us a fond adieu with the bare breasts of Gwendoline Taylor. But don’t think this is a farewell to funbags from Starz just yet, because the channel also launched Da Vinci's Demons, which featured nude debuts from Euro babes Hera Hilmar and Laura Haddock. The series follows the exploits of a young Leonardo Da Vinci, and the first episode has already proved to be a masterpiece of ass!
Over on Showtime, the fifth season premiere of Nurse Jackie also had a momentous moment, its very first nude scene! It’s just a brief butt shot from Betty Gilpin as she dismounts another doctor, but(t) it’s enough to get our temperature rising!
Finally, Game of Thrones paraded us through a whole passel of nude prostitutes played by uncredited extras, plus some bendy shots of Pixie Le Knot folding herself up like a pretzel to show off her thong-clad crotch. Flexible!

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