One of Mr. Skin's favorite skintillating thing to watch is a celebrity slipping off her bra to free her mams. One thing that's better than watching that is watching it over and over again in a GIF. We compiled a list of sultry sexpots taking off their bras for your GIF-viewing pleasure.

Betty Gilpin inNurse Jackie

Michelle Williams in Incendiary

Nicole Beharie in Shame

Marisol Nichols in Felon

Madonna in Truth or Dare

Consuelo de Haviland in The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Ruth Collins and Annie Grandly in Lurkers

Samantha Robinson in Love Witch

And while she isn't technically taking off her bra, we thought we'd throw in this hot GIF of Anne Hathaway pulling her left boob out of her bra for a doctor's inspection in Love and Other Drugs.