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Top Ten Opening Credits Nude Scenes Screen shot 2018 05 22 at 9 16 53 am 8af389b5 featured

There's nothing better than switching on a movie and being met with an instant nude scene over the opening credits... read more

Nip Slip Gifs Lisa bonet a4a55307 web

What's better than a nip slip? Watching that nip slip over and over again in GIF form! ... read more

Top Ten Nude Scenes from Comic Book Movies Screen shot 2017 11 06 at 12 44 55 pm 0ab9dc35 featured

While most of these big budget comic book movies are short on skin, there have been some great nude scenes from movies adapted from comic books. Here are ten of our favorite nude scenes from comic book movies!... read more

All Hail Pamela Anderson, Goddess Of Nudity! Fi3bqxuk o 3e5bb7c3 featured

A Nude Pamela Anderson Proves She's Not Mortal... read more

Movie Nudity Report: Where to See This Weekend's Stars Nude 5.26.17 Screen shot 2017 05 22 at 12 44 13 pm 7cefb7a6 featured

Unfortunately none of this weekend's new releases features any nudity, but we've got the best places for you to see four of this weekend's stars in the altogether!... read more

The "Baywatch" Red Carpet Is Hot, But Where Are The Bikinis? Spl1256297 019 5306df60 featured

Lots Of Cleavage, But No Red Bathing Suits... read more

Pamela Anderson: Icon Or Goddess? Pamela anderson 3 26ae160a featured

Pamela Anderson Has Always Been A Sex Symbol... read more

Pamela Anderson Gives You Many Reasons To Watch This Commercial Screen shot 2017 02 09 at 8 33 29 am 0663fb0c featured

Don't Try And Skip This Ad... read more

TBT: Pamela Anderson Was a Giant Cannibal in Lit Music Video Pamela anderson lit music video 2fbaed5a featured

The bombshell was never so memorable as when she was a giant, sexy man-eater in this 1999 music video! ... read more

Boob Sighting From Baywatch Star Kelly Rohrbach Kelly rohrbach 052516 copy 026bc2b0 featured

The girl inheriting the stretched the hell out red swimsuit of former Baywatch star Pam Anderson, was recently caught naked during a Vogue photoshoot! ... read more

Top Ten Easter Bunnies Brook survival n 12 infobox 2e4625bb featured

Easter's this Sunday, and all this talk of bunnies has us thinking about our favorite actresses who have posed for Playboy over the years. It's a stacked list, and one that could easily accommodate twice this number, but there's only room for ten, so here are our Top Ten Easter Bunnies for 2016!... read more

Leo's Ex Kelly Rohrbach to Take on Pam Anderson Role in Baywatch Movie 20966 web

She's got a mighty big one-piece to fill, but Kelly Rohrbach seems up for the challenge of playing C.J. Parker, the role originated by Pamela Anderson, in the upcoming Baywatch film!

Hit the jump for more info...... read more

Pamela Anderson Says She’s Cured … of Hepatitis Double-D! 20299 web

Our good friend Celebrity Sleuth is opening up his personal vault at auction next month, and we've got the inside scoop! He wrote a new piece for us detailing some of the great, one-of-a-kind items you can expect to find at auction, and he'll be bringing us more every Monday and Thursday until the auction goes live in December!

Hit the jump for more pics and info...... read more

Top 10 Hottest Vegans

Going without meat for even a day seems like an impossible task, but for these ten beauties, it's a way of life! Many of these babes have appeared semi-nude in ads for PeTA, but all ten of them have doffed their duds on screen and we couldn't be more excited for their anti-meat stance. It'll be hard not to tenderize your own meat while looking at the tantalizing treats from Pamela Anderson, Linda Blair, and more, but abstinence makes your part grow harder!... read more

Top 10 July Birthday Beauties

July is a great month. Summer's officially here, bikini and barbecue seasons are in full swing, and lots of amazingly hot women are celebrating birthdays! This week, we're taking a look at ten of the hottest ladies born in the month of July. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it's got a little something to suit every taste. So whether you like the early bird Cancers like Pamela Anderson and Eva Green or prefer the late blooming Leos like Anna Paquin and Elizabeth Berkley, you're sure to find a woman—or ten—to fall for!... read more

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