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Bis in die Spitzen

Bis in die Spitzen (2005)

Brief Nudity

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Married hairstylists go to war when their rivals open a shop across the street on the German drama Bis in die Spitzen (Blow Dry) (2005). Niki (Jeanette Hain) and Phillip (Tobias Oertel) have been happily married for ten years. Their secret? The hair salon they run together. But when Niki's ex-boyfriend Finn (Ralph Herforth) re-appears, everything changes for the couple. It's not just that seeing Finn again has re-ignited old passions in Niki. That's the least of their problems. The real issue is the competing salon Finn and his wife Mia (Muriel Baumeister) are opening directly across the street from Niki and Phillip's shop. Jeanette busts out her bombers for a couple quick looks in Episode 1, and Eva-Maria Grein spices things up by whipping open her robe for a threesome with her guy and another gal in episode 7. I'd like to give her a kiss on die tit-zen!