Bijou Phillips Is Grippingly Topless in Choke Trailer

Choke is the title of both an incendiary satirical novel by Fight Club creator Chuck Pahlahniuk and a new movie adaptation starring Sam Rockwell (Confessions of a Dangerous Mind) and, more skin-portantly, Bijou Phillips.

Choke is also what you'll do to your chicken while watching this restricted "red band" trailer that showcases Bijou lending a hand to Rockwell's gland as well as strutting about topless.

Skin Skouts who attended this year's Sundance Film Festival, where Choke won a Special Jury Prize, filed this complete report on the film's flesh factor (at that point in its completion), which you can check out at Mr. Skin's sister site,

Bijou Phillips -- (0:05) Sam Rockwell imagines Bijou Phillips naked. Without seeing her face, we see a pair of breasts (which could be hers), but Rockwell continues trying to imagine what they look like and we see two more sets of bigger breasts close-up as they walk towards the camera.

Paz de la Huerta -- (0:02) Paz de la Huerta is riding Sam Rockwell on the floor. We can see her ass. She does an around-the-world on him and continues to ride him reverse cowgirl with her skirt hiked up and in her bra-like top while Rockwell smacks her ass.

Gillian Jacobs -- (0:35) Gillian Jacobs is a stripper whom Rockwell and his friend begin talking to. She's on stage in her bikini top which she takes off after seeing the picture his friend drew of her. We see her breasts.

(0:57) Gillian Jacobs, who is now a brunette, dances on stage in the club in her bikini.

Kelly MacDonald -- (0:44) After screwing Sam Rockwell, Kelly MacDonald's top is open just enough to see her bra.

Uncredited Actresses -- (0:11) Sam Rockwell imagines seeing an old, fat woman in the hospital topless and her giant saggy breasts.