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Take a good long look at the sumptuous visual feast named Beth Armstrong and you'll see why she is a favorite among the flesh fiends at Skin Central. Her name also has the ring of cruel irony when it comes to her ill-fated character in the 2008 cannibal shocker Scarce. Chained up topless by her wrists in a remote cabin, only the strength of Beth’s arms stops her from collapsing into a sobbing bare-breasted heap. On the bright side, it’s only a movie. On the brighter side, we get to see Beth’s boobage. And that will make your arm strong . . . from the elbow down. Her skin-ful debut was followed by a recurring role in the TV series Darwin's Brave New World (2009). One thing's for sure, Beth is definitely designed to be at the top of the food chain and mating chain. Unfortunately we have not seen any more skin-tastic roles from Beth in the last two decades. As a matter of fact...we haven't seen any performances from her period! It's a tragic moment in Mr. Skin's world when a hot number like Beth disappears from the boob tube. Our only hope now is that Skin Central will uncover some long lost celluloid treasures from Ms. Armstrong that have remained under wraps for 20 years or more. Until that day comes to pass we'll have to be okay with her one skin-tastic role all those years ago. Maybe Armstrong just wants our wanking arm to get stronger before she returns!