The global blockbuster Avatar: The Way Of Water, bucked the trend of using a film's theatrical release as essentially a brief streaming preview window. Now that the future of streaming is uncertain, studios are reexamining the importance of ticket sales from theaters. Avatar: The Way Of Water was a huge experiment on the resilience of theatrical releases post-pandemic. And one that paid off, big time. The movie was released all of the way back in mid-December, and it is just now available to watch from the comfort of ones own home. So how do you stream Avatar 2 now?

The movie is not yet on Disney+, unfortunately. For the time being, Avatar 2 is only available to purchase and can be done so on platforms like Amazon Prime, where it is available for $19.99. That's all well and good, but you're probably wondering why Mr. Skin is covering the ins and outs of the Na'vi. And that's because a lot of these Na'vi have gotten na-nasty.

Everyone and their MILF is wondering what the flick's sexy stars have been up to in their non-Avatar time. Outside of Pandora, the likes of Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet, and Zoe Saldaña have gone nude to show off their famous figures, and we're rounding up all of the hottest Avatar 2 nude celebrities right here!

Avatar: The Way Of Water recieved almost unanimous praise from critics, with even the movie's detractors praising its eye-popping visuals. But we're sad to say that director James Cameron squandered that $350 million price tag by not showing Kate Winslet's bush or Sigourney Weaver's bush. Considering that he allowed Kate to flaunt her famous curves in their collab Titanic, it's just a shame that we're not getting the same this time around. Seriously James. Do better.

Thankfully that's where we come in. Yes, you know about Kate Winslet's iconic full frontal nudity in Jude, her older younger sex scene in The Reader, and her unhinged lesbian sex scene in Ammonite, but when's the last time you thought about Sigourney Weaver's nudity? It's probably... alien... to some of you. You can see her breasts and bush in Half Moon Street and A Map Of The World. Then you have the always-stunning Zoe Saldaña - who leads the blockbuster Avatar franchise. She's keeping things PG-13 in the nudity department, slipping a nip in Colombiana and a half-assed nude scene in Nina.

Let's celebrate the biggest movie of the year, and possibly the biggest movie of the decade, by checking out the hottest scenes from the Avatar: The Way Of Water stars. The Na'vi won't be the only thing that's blue. I.e. your balls.

Avatar 2's Ronal Actor Kate Winslet Full Frontal Nudity (bush And Boobs) In Jude

Avatar 2's Neytiri Actor Zoe Saldaña Nip Slip In

Avatar 2's Kiri Sigourney Weaver Full Frontal Nudity